The present world (2020) brought to us big challenges. Made us to review our priorities and adapt ourselves to new ways of working and living. Despite of our best effort, it is difficulty for most of us to stay organized and focused. We often get busier, anxious and stressed. We struggle to be on top of our daily schedules and at the same time to stay focused on what matters. Fortunately, we have tools available, like PLANNERS, that can help us to make our lives easier and more peaceful.

A PLANNER comes in handy indeed. It can be an incredible tool for keeping you on track, more organized, more motivated, focused, and therefore, achieve your goals quicker, whatever they are. But how to choose the ideal planner for you out of all 2021 best planners out there?

That’s my mission today, to guide you to identify what you need from a planner and give you some tips that, hopefully, will help you to choose the right 2021 planner for you.

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Why You Should Have Some Kind Of Planner

You need a system to stay focused, more organized, and to help increase your overall quality of life. On top of all the benefits we already mentioned, with a planner you can:

  • Significantly boost your productivity
  • Easily identify your daily priorities
  • Make more intentional choices for a balanced life
  • Make your mundane tasks more fun and creative
  • Hit your goals quicker
  • Have more peace of mind
  • Be more motivated and in a high vibration

Types of Planners

There are many types of planners available for you to choose from. They go from full planners to printables. Although we can’t cover all of them here or put them all in one box, I tried to highlight below the main ones and give you a very high level overview of its purpose and features plus some examples of each one of them. The aim is to help you to have a much better idea of the types of planner that are out there.

  • Life Planners: This type of planners involve a full year in one fell swoop. It features self awareness, self-discovery, yearly, monthly, weekly and daily planner plus end reviews. Often it is a very detailed plan, and of course, more expensive ones. Be aware that it will require some effort and time to fill it out and keep it up to date. It is great if you are looking for one in all kind of thing. A good example of this kind of planners is Clever Fox Planner. Check out a full review of Clever Fox Pro planner, so you can have a better idea in relation to the features this kind of planner has to offer to you.

  • Lighter Planners: I call it lighter planners as it is not a full planner like the life planner, however, it still gives you yearly, monthly and weekly views. Most of them have a more detailed weekly and daily planner. There are many variations out there but most of them allow you to see all twelve months at-a-glance on one page as well as your full week. They are a perfect choice for individuals who need a detailed daily schedule for example, as often you can schedule down to the minute, since there are specific time slots. A good example of this kind of planner is the Spiral Bound Organizer from Planner Pad. Check it out to get a better idea of its features.

  • Journal Planners: The main thing about journal planners is that it gives room to flexibility! You have the freedom to organize your planner as you wish. The way that serves you the best. However, be aware that there is no formal structure on this kind of planner. You need to do all the work. I personally use journal more for journaling than planner. There is a great post about How to Use Journaling to Calm your Mind if you interested.
  • Specific planners: If you are looking for something more specific, then you should get a planner that is designed to help you with that matter. For instance, if you want to monitor your weight loss, you might want a planner featuring an exercise journal and a daily calorie log. As a parent, you might want a planner that allows you to track your children’s schedules in addition to your own, or even a meal planner or family planner. The same if you want a planner to track your finance, then definitely get a Budget Planner. There are planners for everything, believe me everything. To help you, check out a list of planners I consider everybody should have, it is called The essential tool kit.
  • Printable planners: Printable planners are also amazing as you have more freedom to “build” your own planner. You can choose from a huge variety of planners, then select the number of pages you want, print them according to your needs and put it all in a binder “creating your own planner”. They are cheaper, easier to use and practical. Another thing about printable planners is that you can print out a few sheets for a test run. If they do not work for you as you have hoped, you can move on to something else. I have created a bunch of printable planners that you can have a look at Inner Bloomy shop, but I would like to highlight here the Bloomy Monthly Set Planner. It can help you in determining your goals, developing a plan, and striving to achieve them on a weekly/daily basis. It is divided in 5 steps (1.Goal Setting; 2. Action Plan; 3. Monthly Planner; 4. Weekly Planner; 5. Daily Routine. Check it out. It might be the one for you.


How to Identify your Needs and Choose the Right Planner for 2021

With so many options, you probably are still wondering what is the best 2021 planner for you? The sad news is there is no one size fits ts all planner. Certainty, any type of planners described above can be helpful in keeping you organized, but choose the right one will ensure you will use it in the best way, be more effective and get much more done, and it really depends on your intention and lifestyle.

However, to help you identify your needs and choose the right planner, here are some points to consider.

1. List your needs: First of all, define what your are looking out of a planner. What is your intention? What do you want to track and how often?

2. Prioritize features: Once you defined what are your needs, I recommend you to prioritize what planner features are important to you. Fill the 3-column table using the labels below, as appropriate. This way, you will be able to focus on what is more important to you.

A = Must Have

B = Nice to Have

C = Not really important to me

3. Effort to keep the planner up-to-date: Based on the prioritization in the previous step, define how much effort & time it will be required for you to keep your planner up-to-date and how much time you are willing to spend filling in your planner.

4. Price/Benefit: How much are you willing to spend on your planner?

5. Select Your Planner: After you have gone through the steps above, it is time for you to choose your planner. Do not grab any planner that comes your way, hoping it will work out. By doing so, you are energetically and psychologically telling yourself that your time is not that important. Conversely, if you take a few moments to make a wise choice about your personal planner, you are telling yourself that you are serious about taking control of your schedule, and your life will be infinitely better because of it.

6. Effectiveness: Work with any planner you choose for at least one month before evaluating its effectiveness. If it does not work for you, then you may want to consider something different.

Below is a simple table that can help you to assess your needs and decide the best planner for you.


Tips on How to Stick with the Planner

It can be very easy to fall off-target when working with your planner, even with the best of intentions. Whether you want to work out regularly, achieve more every day, or you want to shed a few pounds, the following tips will help you to stick to your plan on a daily basis.

  1. Be specific by making your plan short and simple
  2. Be realist when doing your plans. Allocate the right time for each activity
  3. Create and prioritize your task lists
  4. Tick off activities you have got done. It will keep you motivated
  5. Create a track and reward system
  6. Believe in yourself
  7. Visualize yourself achieving the plan
  8. Surround yourself with people who are working toward (or have accomplished) that same goal
  9. Commit yourself to use the planner
  10. Create the habit of using it every day


Final thoughts on 2021 best planners

Life does not seem to slow down. But if you cannot keep it all straight, getting a 2021 planner might just be the thing for you. Choose the one that suits you the most using the suggested steps highlighted in this post. This is a guaranteed way to give your brain a break from having to remember everything you need to do. Furthermore, it will keep you on track focused, knowing that you are moving towards your goals every day.

Remember, you are in control of your life. You can manifest everything you want if you clearly know what you want, have the right type of mindset, and are ready to take action.

Wishing you all the best and a great 2021.

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  1. Wow – I am amazed by the fact that these days we can have Planners for literally anything. In order to achieve success in any field be it weight loss, finance or increasing daily productivity – planning, organizing and discipline are key ingredients. And I think a Planner will be great help to review our tasks and progress we make…

    1. Exactly, there is a planner for everything indeed 🙂 We just need to find the right ones for us. Each one is different, has different life style and needs. It is worth to do a bit of research and try out till we find the right one. Thank you for your comment and Happy 2021!!!

  2. Hey,

    I am pleased that I came across this article, at this time of year because I still don’t have my planner for 2021. I know what goals to set, but I still need to write them down in a proper planner. I like the planners that you have discussed in your article and it will take a bit of time to decide on the right one for me. This is such an important task for me and I want to get it right.

    I will let you know what planner I decide, and how the year goes I will let you know how I am getting on with the planner. I am hoping it will help me a lot as I want 2021 to be a big year. I think everybody will as 2020 has been the toughest year for everybody I think.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work for 2021.

    All the best,


    1. Hi Tom, yes, it is very important to write down our goals and plans. It makes a lot of difference. I have an article here about the importance of write things down, if you interested.

      Choose the “right planner” is not an easy task. I have tested myself many planners till I found the right ones (life planner, journal planer, daily routine planner, etc). Even that I’m always open to try new ones and see how it goes. One thing though, all of them are useless if we do not use them on a daily basis. It’s a matter of getting into the habit. It will make all the difference for sure. I would love to know your decision and how are you getting on.

      Thank you for your comment and Happy 2021!!

  3. Planners can come in handy, and it took me a while to realize that.

    The first planner I got was a gift from my girlfriend, and at first, it seemed funny to me that she would buy such a thing for me, but it turned out that I needed it in the end.

    She actually got me the Clever Fox Pro ( the one you mentioned ), and honestly, it was more than excellent.

    The planner’s design was out of this world, the build was pretty solid, and it came with a ton of extra features like pens, pocket cloths, etc.

    I highly recommend it if you have a hard time identifying your daily priorities. At the end of the day, it’s a bargain for its price.

    1. That’s so interesting story!!! Planners are amazing. I think just when really use it and see the benefits we understand that. Well done to you girlfriend. Great gift 🙂

      The quality of Clever Fox Pro is amazing and it is really a full life planner. I have used it before and it really works. The only thing was that it required a lot of time. So you really need to be committed to use it. The effort really pays off.

      Hopefully you kept using planners and are getting more and more benefits out of it. With expericend we can make better choices and choose the one that suits our lifestyle and needs.

      Thanks for sharing and happy 2021.

  4. Great article and points for 2021. I like how you have broken down and explained every type of planner and their benefits to our lives. I’ve found that when you use any type of planner you have to use it on a daily basis and really make an effort to use it. In the past I have started using a planner and then after January never picked it up again because I wasn’t seeing the benefits of it. But if you keep in mind the benefits you shared this will help you to keep using them. Thanks for sharing!

    1. That’s what happens with most of people. They give up before create the habit of doing it and see the benefits. You have to use the planner for a while to be able to see the benefits. That’s why is important to choose one that is simple, practical and suits your needs. The effort will pay off. Thank your for your comment and Happy 2021.

  5. Hi Katia,

    I think I need you to come and organise my life, LOL.

    I’ll openly admit that my planning and organisational skills have always been pretty poor throughout my life.

    I’ve tried just about everything from to-do lists, daily action plans, etc. but I never seem to be able to stick to anything.

    That being said, I’ve always just used plain old pen and paper to note down my ideas and plans for the day or week ahead.

    However, one thing I will say is that I always seem to be more productive or inspired when things are noted down in a more “formal” manner, e.g. in a specific planner.

    I actually love the idea of the journal planner you’ve included here, as I journal without fail every single morning.

    But, once again, I just use a plain writing pad, and there will be the occasional morning that I struggle with what to write about.

    I know that you’ve mentioned there’s no formal structure to the journal planner, but even having a specific planner that looks as beautiful as the one you have listed here can be all the inspiration needed.

    I’m off to read your article about how to use journaling to calm the mind, sounds intriguing and certainly something of interest to me.


    1. Your are not alone, most of people struggle to stick to the plan. It is all about create a habit. You created a brilliant habit of journaling. Next step to stick to your planner 🙂 For me to have some kind of structure really helps me, but as I said we need to find the one that works for us, if plan paper and pen works for you, that’s perfect. Otherwise, try some more options and see how it goes. Whatever it is, it needs to be simple and practical, and above all help us to be more productive. Thank you for your comment. Really appreciate you share your story and relationship with planners 🙂

  6. Hi Katia
    Great article!
    Thanks for sharing this amazing article and highlighting the benefits of using a planner.
    It allows us to schedule our priorities and tasks so that we can stay on track, set specific due dates and deadlines. It truly helps in time management, stress relief, and staying organized.

    The types of planners mentioned in your article are so amazing as it can be customized based on specific needs, your tips on how to choose a right planner is also great.

    The idea of using a planner will help us to see our life patterns and improve our lifestyles.

    1. I can’t tell you enough about the importance to have some kind of planner, either paper or digital, to help us to get organised and free our mind. I do prefer paper planner though. They work better for me and help me to organize things much better. On top of that, there is a whole science behind the importance of writing things down, as per this post “Write things down to make it happen“, but the true is choose whatever suits you. Thank you for your comment.

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