Have you noticed that we are always looking for ways to live a better life, have better things, and, above all, be better? This is the essence of our soul. Life is for growing, expansion, and full expression.

This process goes smoothly when we know who we are and what we really want for our lives. Not an easy task I know. However, all the answers are within us. We just need to learn to quiet our mind, go within, and listen to our inner voice. OK, it is true, it requires discipline and effort. Here is where a Life Planner come into play as they can help us to go through this journey, design a detailed life vision and implement it.

Having a Life Plan is like to have a map, direction, and purpose. You know where you are going and why. It doesn’t matter if you use a piece of paper, a journal, a full life planner, a digital or printable one, but you must have it. Ultimately, it brings you piece of mind. Personally, I love writing, it makes me to feel more connected and inspired, in additional to many other benefits as highlighted in this post – Write it down to make it happen.

However, today I want to talk to you about Bloomy Digital Life Planner Dashboard, which is part of a broader Planner Framework, that involves digital and printable planners. I will walk you through my strategy but before that I will give you an overview of the main features of Bloomy Life Planner Dashboard. Hopefully, it can inspires you to define your life plan to live a better life.

Bloomy Life Planner Dashboard

Bloomy Life Planner Dashboard is a digital version of a collection of Bloomy Planners that was designed to help you to create a clear, simple and practical ROADMAP for your life – know what you want and where you are going. It goes from define your core values, life purpose and goals to design a detailed action plan, which should then be broken down into weekly/daily activities. After all, life happens on a daily basis; one task at the time.

Bloomy Life Planner Dashboard is divided in 6 parts. Let’s have a look in each of them.

Bloomy Life Planner Dashboard comes with a GUIDE that will help you to understand

and apply the concepts behind each one of the steps.



The Life Planner Dashboard is where everything comes together. It gives you a quick overview of your Life Plan showing where you are at in relation to your goals and actions. You can track your progress all in one place in an easy way. It includes:

  • Overall view of your Wishes by areas of life: What do you want for your life?
  • Overview of your main goal: What is your goal right now?
  • Action plan: Status, prioritization and progress.
  • Monthly assessment: Assess your actions against your goal. Are you moving towards your goal? What can you do to make it happen quicker? What do you need to change? What do you need to focus on?
  • Main monthly action(s): What do you need to focus on in the month ahead?
  • Quote of the Month: Choose a quote, phrase or word that resonates and motivates you.



Self-discovery is a journey. It involves daily effort to learn who we really are, what are our values, our life purpose and what we want for our lives. Those are key elements that support our decisions and define the way we live our lives. However, most of us don’t take the time to even think about it. In this part of the Life Planner Dashboard you have the opportunity to clearly define your values, life purpose and wishes in a simple way. They are the base for all the subsequent parts of the Life Planner Dashboard.

  • Values: Values are things that we believe are really important in our lives, that determine our priorities, give us direction to be a good person. For instance, values can be: Love, Honesty, Kindness, Fulfillment…
  • Purpose This is a broad idea that gives us sense of meaning in life. As Buddha stated “Our work is to find our work and then give our heart to it.” So you are invited to go within and find out what is your work.
  • Wishes – End Bold Result: These are the endmost wishes that you pursue in life. Ultimately, they will lead you to the one big goal that every single being has, that is “TO BE HAPPY”.



Once you know what are your values, life purpose and wishes you are ready to define the vision of the life you want to live. It defines who you want to be, what you want to achieve in life. It is the why, and it is the perfect way to connect to your wishes and make them reality.

  • Live vision statement: You are guided to seat back, relax and leave your imagination wandering freely. Having your wishes in mind, create your perfect day. Then clear define your life vision statement. Short and simple.
  • Life vision board: Based on your life vision statement, design your life vision board, using images, symbols or photos that represent the life you want to live. The thing here is to have fun while you visualize and internalize what you want to achieve: a new car, a new house, traveling… there is no limit.



Time to get into more details of what you want and why you want it. This life grid is based on Mike’s Dooley Matrix. The idea is to get you to think why you want what you want? What excites you about those wishes? It will help you to “validate” your wishes.

  • Detailed statement: Go deeper and define what you want, why you want it, how would you feel, what would you do….
  • Possible paths and actions: You might have no idea how to achieve your wish yet, but think about ways that you can achieve it and what are the actions that you could take right now. This will put yourself in movement.
  • Focus: There are many things that we want to achieve in life. However, it is important to focus in one or two things at the time. It will direct all your efforts towards achieve that result.




Based on your Life Grid and what you decided to be the most important thing to work on now, define your GOAL. Remember, goal is something that you hope to achieve. It is what moves us, makes us wake up in the morning, and have something to fight for. Therefore, your goal needs to be something that you want more than anything else and you will do whatever it takes to achieve it. Bob Proctor calls it “C type goal”. For more ideas and tips, read, “Why do we have goals“.

  • Define a goal and create a statement: Define your C type goal and describe it in detail – what you want, by when, why, and how you feel once you have achieved your goal. Then create a short statement that you can repeat often.
  • Create vision board & Visualize your goal: Create a vision board specific for this goal. Go into details and really connect to your goal. Then, as often as you can, visualizing your goal. See yourself already in possession of your goal.
  • Action Plan: Sometimes our goals may seem too big to be achieved. If that is the case, break it down in mini-goals, that when achieved, will contribute for you to achieve your C Type goal.
  • Act as if: What could you do today to start to live from the perspective of someone that already have achieved your goal? The idea is live and act as if you already have it.
  • Paradigm shift: Paradigms are beliefs and habits that prevent us from achieving our goals. What are the habits and believes that are preventing you of achieving your goal? Then work to change them.



Now that you have your goal set up and clearly defined, it is time to take actions. Take actions is a crucial part of Manifestation Process. Yes, mindset is important but, as Mike Dooley says, “You need to put your car in gear.” However, take action and move towards your goal requires discipline, determination, and effort. That’s where an Action Plan can help you. It includes the steps and milestones needed to achieve your goal.

  • Title and target date: Decide a date by when you want to achieve that goal. Remember, this is an indicative date.
  • Mini – Goal Statement: Define a clear and achievable end goal statement, which will drive your activities.
  • Design the action plan: Make a list of actions or steps that you need to go through to achieve your goal.
  • Vision Board: Create a vision board for your mini-goal. It will help you get emotionally involved with your goal.
  • Commitment and Reward: The action plan is useless if you don’t act upon it. Will power, self-discipline combined with aggressive action will be required for you to stick with your plan and, therefore, achieve your goals. When you completed one action reward yourself. You will feel happier and eager to get more things done.

How to use Bloomy Life Planner Dashboard?

I have created a framework that allows me to constantly review my Life Planner, values, life purpose, wishes, goals and action plan as well as track my progress, assess my journey and take actions on a weekly/daily basis.


My strategy is summarized in the Planner Framework below:


Annually: I do my Annual End Year Review and Self-Discovery Review using Inner Bloomy Printable. As I mentioned, personally, I like writing. It works better when I write things down, on a paper. Based on this review I then update my digital Life Planner Dashboard to reflect any changes.

Monthly: Review my digital Life Planner Dashboard. Track my progress. Change things around if needed. I love to do this monthly review. It gets me even more connected with my values, life purpose and goals.

Weekly/Daily basis: Then I plan my weekly and daily activities based on the Action Plan defined in the digital Life Planner Dashboard. So that I know, each day I’m moving closer to my goals. For this I use Bloomy Weekly Planner and Bloomy Daily Planner. They allow me to work my mindset while taking the right actions.

Feel free to try it out. See if it works for you.


Final Thoughts on Bloomy Life Planner Dashboard

A Life Planner gives you direction, purpose and meaning in life. Start to create yours today. Don’t worry if it is not perfect. As we evolve, grow and take actions things will get clearer and more ideas will come into your way. Revisit it periodically. Make changes. Adapt to your reality. It is your plan. It is your life.

As a final tip, choose a life planner that resonates with you, that is simple and practical, and most importantly, stick to it. You will be amazed by the results.

Leave me a comment below. Share your goals and what you are doing to make your dreams to come through.


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  1. We have structured a life plan and little steps to get there by reading this article we noticed that lots of things are similar. We have not seen anything like this as a roadmap for our life cleaver and neat.

    The best thing is that we do most of these already so we are ahead of the game, but with a digital life planner dashboard, and other tools to think about manifestation=minset+action we are going to remember this.

    We are going to share this with others that we know will benefit from this and us as well. We love to write so this is a plus to be organized at the same time we are organized and time management skills.


    1. I’m glad to hear you have a life planner. Doesn’t really matter the format but you MUST have it. Furthermore, have a clear picture of where you want to go and achieve. Otherwise, it is easy to get busy “doing stuff” and not really focusing on what will bring you closer to your goals and dreams. Very good and appreciate your comment. Thanks and good luck.

  2. As i was searching for “life planning”, i came across your site and I am so glad I found this article because as surprising as it may sound, I never knew resources like these were available! I usually just write things down on whatever paper I can find at hand and that is not always a good idea because I always end up losing it as time passes.

    Anyways, going through your post I am really loving the Bloomy Life Planner and all the useful nuggets of pointers you have stated here. The thing I like the best is that it allows me to define my mindset, break down my goals and work towards an actionable plan that I can TRACK! I am totally sold- will definitely be purchasing! Here’s to changing our lives for the better!! Thank you for all your awesome articles! 🙂

    1. Hi Sasha, I’m so glad to hear you liked it and most importantly you understood the concept and the importance of having a life planner. I was like you, writing thing all over the place or keeping notes in my phone/computer. It is very confusing indeed and it is easier to lose our notes. It is great to have it all in one place and a structured.

      I still love writing things down as I fell more connected and inspired (See this article for more info – Writing things down to make it happen), but then I track it in the Digital Life planner dashboard. It is easier to change and manage it there. I’m really happy with my Planner framework 🙂 Thank you so much for your comment. Much appreciatted.

  3. Hi Katia,
    I found this digital life planner dashboard and road map easy to understand and right up my alley because it actually incorporates several elements of business and project management – values, vision, goals, action plan, timelines etc. Furthermore, I like the concept of an annual year end review.

    Few people would think of working through something like this, but I can see that it would be a worthwhile exercise and the road map would then guide you. I can see the planner making a good gift to like-minded individuals as well as not everyone might have the patience to develop a plan.


    1. Hi Ceci, that’s true. To design a life plan and keep requires effort and discipline but the effort pays off.
      I’m that kind of person that can’t go through my day without having a plan but it needs to be simple and practical. I need to work on my tasks rather fill in planners. That’s why all Inner Bloomy planners are easy and practical to use. Definitely, a good gift for like-minded people.

      Thank you for your comment. Really appreciate that and I’m glad you found it easy to understand.


  4. Hi,

    Life changing article, I believe this idea of digital planner will give life a purpose and path to prosperity.
    Using a planner to organize life sounds a wonderful thing,

    wistfully we can live a more productive life by writing down all tasks, deadlines appointments in a single location is amazing.

    Bloomy life planner has interesting features one can choose what features are most important and find a planner that meets their needs.

    Truly appreciate you for sharing such valuable content I totally agree with you that to change our life one should self discover, find our purpose in life, set life vision, and thrive to achieve it all!


    1. Hi Samantha, the most important thing is to know who you are and what you want, then work every day to achieve it. Self-discipline and focus are essential. I truly believe that planners can help us a lot on this. Thanks and good luck in your journey.

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