Are you struggling to understand and cope with your emotions on a daily basis? Most of us go through the day without paying attention to the vibration we are in. But do you know that our vibration dictates the results we get?

Don’t worry, you can learn how to track, understand and CHANGE your vibration frequency. For that, it is important the Laws of the Universe, specifically the Law of Vibration, and also use a Mood Tracker to help you.

If you are not familiar with the Laws of Universe, know that just as there are natural laws that keep the universe in place, there are also Universal Laws that continuously govern our existence, whether we are aware of them or not. There are 12 Laws of Universe, and they all work the same way in an orderly manner for every person at any time. People who have achieved great success and living a happy life show they act and live in harmony with the laws. So understanding these laws is the key to a life of abundance and prosperity.

The Law of Vibration has been around for much longer than you might imagine. It’s simply that the majority of people didn’t see it for what it was. When you perceive another person’s emotions or become aware of your own, What you feel is simply the vibration energy.


Why It Is Important To Stay In Good Vibration

Basically, we send vibrations out into the universe every second of every day. When you are feeling low, it means you are sending out negative vibrations. And when you think good thoughts, you are vibrating in positive emotion. Vibrations that are alike will connect and result in manifestations. The Law of Vibration makes us understand that we will attract people, circumstances, and other things that resonate with our frequency.

So, if you’re unhappy or moan a lot, you’ll attract more folks who will join in on the misery and situations in life. If you are constantly fearful, you will act as a powerful magnet, attracting fearful situations to yourself. Similarly, if you are always joyful, you will attract more reasons to be happy in your life. If you stay in a good vibration, positive things will manifest in your life.

The whole idea behind the Law of vibration is not only that we all have a specific vibration frequency but that you can learn to adjust your vibration if you are caught in a low vibration experience or scenario.


Benefits Of The Law Of Vibration

Your vibration sets your reality. If the outcomes you are getting in life do not meet your expectations, you must consciously change your vibration frequency. The Law of vibration can help you recognize when you move through critical emotional situations to release them and maintain a higher frequency.

As you raise your frequency, you will begin to attract similar vibrations in your conscious awareness. As a result, you will attract the prosperity, success, and experiences you seek. Simply said, you will take control of your life’s design.

Tapping into the Law of vibration can help you figure out how you feel in every given situation, understand better what affects your mood, and therefore, be more in control of your emotions.


How Do You Change Or Raise Your Vibration Or Mood?

If you are unhappy with your life’s circumstances and want to start moving toward a more positive vibration, you have to change what is going on inside of you first. The following techniques will help you change your vibration or mood for the better.

  • Listen to music
    • Music is an instant mood-lifter. Reports have shown that people feel better when listening to upbeat music while actively trying to feel happier. Don’t worry about the perfect pitch; just sing along, focus on the positive feelings and enjoy the extra benefits.
  • Meditate
    • Emotion is one of the leading drivers of our energetic vibration or frequency. Engaging in meditation practice is a quick, effective way to improve your ability to regulate your emotions and raise your vibration. There are several other types of meditations to try, so experiment and find one that suits you most.
  • Laugh
    • Laughter is proven to elevates the mood. It can decrease anxiety, and the best news is that it does not have to be “genuine” to have a positive effect. Even when it appears there is nothing funny in the world, laughing out loud might be all that is needed to get an overall calm, happy feeling.
  • Breathe! Breathe!!
    • Breathing slowly is a well-known approach to reducing stress and improve mood. Slow breathing is a well-known strategy for lowering stress and improving mood. Focus on taking slow deep breaths. You can engage in a movement practice like yoga to engage your breath in the quest to transform a rotten mood.
  • Find what is good for you and do it.
    • Another way to raise your vibration is to focus on daily activities that make you feel balanced and good. Again, this will be unique for everyone, but always focus on peace, love and joy, as these vibrations help you feel happier and healthier


Why You Should Track Your Mood

Anyone who suffers from mood swings, stress, depression, or anxiety knows how frightening and irritating it is to feel this way, especially since many people have no idea what’s going on or why they’re suddenly feeling so down. To remain healthy, you need to identify when you are not in a good mood or vibration. Hence, the need to track your mood.

Mood trackers are one tool that can help discover patterns with how our moods change over time and in relation to various settings and circumstances. They help us understand our emotional states better, improve our mental well-being, and see how our mood might influence our physical health. Mood tracker works like a personal diary and can range from simple handwritten journals to the complex Mood tracker apps that collect a range of information.

Check out the Mood Tracker below. It can help you to track, understand you mood and help you to Change your vibration. It is easier for anyone to monitor their mood over time and learn how external factors, such as your diet or lifestyle, affect their feelings. You can also monitor your progress overtime.

Mood Tracker

If you are looking for an entire Kit to help you to elevate your Vibration, check out the option below.


Final Though on Mood Tracker and How to Raise your Vibration

Connecting moods to specific interventions can help you better understand what is working and what is not. Remember, the kind of vibration that you send out is what you will attract. In addition to choosing a mood tracker that is right for your needs, you need to be honest with yourself to make these tools more effective.

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