It is undeniable that humanity is going through a huge and quick transformation period the like of which the world has never seen before. More and more people are aware of our infinite potential and the power of our mind.

We know that everything is Energy; We know the power of the Universal Laws and how it can impact our lives; We know the Law of Vibration, which states that everything vibrates, nothing rests; We know that “Thoughts Become Things” as so well explained by Mike Dooley and so many other great teachers.

Undoubtedly, our thoughts and words play huge part on this process, but you know yourself, it is not easier to control our thoughts. It is here that Positive Life Affirmations come into place. They are an empowering tool, but yet not truly understood by so many people. That’s what we want to explore today, how affirmations can help us, how to create the right affirmations and some examples to inspire you.

Come with me if you are serious about to live a happier life!

Discover Your Personal Power Through Affirmations

There is a whole school, initiated by psychologist Martin Seligman – the founder of “Positive Psychology, about positive thinking, its benefits and why we should think positively. There are many studies proving that it helps us to live a better and happier life.

It improves our physical health lower blood pressure, better pain tolerance, stress management, longer life, etc, and mental healthclearer thinking, better mood, more creativity, etc just to name but a few benefits. To illustrate it, a study from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, found that women who were optimistic had a significantly reduced risk of dying from several major causes of death — including cancer, heart disease, stroke, respiratory disease, and infection — over an eight-year period, compared with women who were less optimistic. This is an amazing result and enough for us to change our attitude towards life.

Important to say though, that Positive Thinking is not about live in a world of illusion but expect the best and, more than that, find the best in each situation. If we look closely we will find that every situation brings us a lesson and have a positive side.

If you think only positive and warmth things you will live a better life filled with love. Positive thoughts help us to move smoothly on our journey. Our duty is to keep our vibration as positive and as high as possible all the time, or most of the time, and this is a daily exercise.

However, you know yourself, it is easier to think positively when everything is going well but it is a whole different story when we are going through a tough situation and have that constant negative self talk. It is here that Affirmations can help us in a miraculous way.



What is Affirmation?

According to Dr. Norma J. Milanovich and Dr. Shirley D. McCune (The Light Shall Set You Free), simply putting, affirmations are nothing else than POSITIVE STATEMENTS that you affirm repeatedly throughout the day, as often as you desire. They can be spoken, written or just a thought.

Personally, I love affirmations, and I use the combination of those 3 forms. Although Dr. Norma and Dr. Shirley state that “when we affirm something by saying it aloud, we add the energy of sound to the thought. Sound is the second most important form of energy with which we can work. Light and sound. Do you remember the Law of Vibration? Yes, everything has its own unique vibratory frequency – sound. The higher the vibration we personally maintain, the more power we have to create and manifest that which is our perfect plan. We are Beings of Light“.

The truth is try it out and choose what works for you. The more you repeat it quicker the result will come. Nevertheless, it is important to stress that when you say an affirmation you need to put emotion on that. Emotion is the glue that connects us to our higher self. In the beginning you might not believe in what you are saying but keep doing it anyway, eventually you will believe it.

Saying affirmations help free us from the negativity by replacing them with positive, reinforcing thoughts. Furthermore, by using them, we are making firm statement about what we are trying to bring about in our life. It can be anything, really….a new job, better relationship, better health, more calmness, more abundance, implement a new habit, anything you want. It can be either specific or general. It depends on your needs.

Do you know that you can also use affirmations for others? Yes, you can, but of course, only use them for positive things, and first of all, ask for their higher self for permission.

How To Create And Use Affirmations

There is no recipe, right or wrong, but some tips can help you to create a positive daily affirmation that resonates the most with you and with what you are trying to manifest through that particular affirmation.

  1. Set your Goal and visualize what you wish to accomplish with that affirmation
  2. Focus all your energy in achieve that goal
  3. Write down a short positive affirmation about your goal – two or three sentences not more than that
  4. Place the affirmation in everywhere – it will work as a constant reminder to focus on what you want
  5. Say your affirmation aloud – in the car, in the shower, while doing your housework, any time you can as often as you wish.
  6. Do Mirror Work – that is a great technique, Louise Hays signature – say your affirmation looking at the mirror into your eyes. It brings more energy. Do that if you feel comfortable.
  7. Record it and listen to it whenever you can, and even when sleeping. When sleeping you are in a completely relaxed stated and can easily absorb new ideas without questioning or judging it. That’s why self hypnosis work so well.
  8. Write it down many times during the day. The power of writing affirmations down can’t be underestimated.
  9. Keep a Positive Affirmations Journal and write down positive thoughts that can elevate your vibration. Then read it often or whenever you need it.

Remember, it needs to be a simple statement, easy to say, and above all, you MUST put emotion when saying the affirmation. Beliefs and emotions solidify thoughts faster.

As per Dr. Norma J. Milanovich and Dr. Shirley D. McCune, when you see something develop, immediately claim your power and accept that you have participated in co-creating this event. Watch for all signs, it might not come in the form of what you were expecting. Know that the Universe works in mysterious ways. Accept everything as a sign of your power to manifest and give silent thanks for your gifts. It’s vital to have an attitude of gratitude. It keeps the wheel of gratitude and energy turning. Furthermore, paying attention to the signs will help to develop self-confidence in yourself an in this system, then your believe system will start to strengthen.

They also recommend that, once you did it, detach from your need, and let it go into the Universe. Trust the Universe has more intelligence than you do and that the perfect situation will take form around you.

Positive Affirmation Worksheet

A good way to incorporate Affirmation in you daily routine is to use Affirmation Worksheet. It uses a structured process to create and practice Affirmation daily. It really helps to implement the habit and harvest the benefits of this powerful tool. Check it out!!


Examples of Positive Affirmations

There are infinite possibilities when it comes to create an affirmation. Follow the tips above to create a positive daily affirmation that resonates with you. However, if you need some inspiration, have a look on the examples below. Feel free to reword and use it as you need.

I like to start my affirmations with “I’m so happy and grateful now that…”:

… money comes to me, easily and effortless, every day, from different sources and I have more than enough to live the life of my dreams.” (Abundance)

I’m a money magnet. I know how to use money and I always have more than enough. I live in abundance, love, fulfillment and freedom.” (Abundance)

“… money is important to me and makes me more of who I am. The more money I have the more good I can do for myself, my loved ones and to the world.” (Abundance)

“… I’m healthy, my family is healthy and the world has been healed.” (Health)

“… I love myself, I love my life and life loves me. All that I need comes to me easily and effortless in the right moment”. (Self-esteem)

“… I easily wake up 7am, full of energy, motivated and ready to rock in roll. I’m so proud of myself. I get more done and each day I’m closer to my goal.” (Implement new habit).

“… it’s easier to me to eat healthy food, the right amount and I easily feel satisfied. It’s a pleasure exercise myself every day and each day I love my body more and more.” (Weight Loss)

The Super 7 Series

Final Thoughts

We all want to live a better live, have better relationships, better job, better house, don’t you? It is our nature as human beings. We are all here for expansion, to grow, and we do so through our own experiences. So now that you know the benefits of positive affirmations, why not use this power within us to achieve your goals and dreams quicker and live life at the fullest?

I can tell you from my own experience it works. I will challenge you to try it out. Choose something that you believe “it is easier to manifest”, for example, someone paying a coffee or lunch for you? Or how about that parking space that will be there when you get to the shopping?

It is fun, check it out for yourself and let me know in the comments below how are you getting on.

I also invite you to check out some Daily Affirmation Cards below. They can be realy good to keep us in high vibration.

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  1. Hi,

    Your post article is very well done, jam-packed with positive empowering wisdom.
    For sure only when you clutter your old and negative thoughts in your mind, you can really then replace it with a new positive one.

    Being positive and having goals are great things in life and give us a sense of purpose.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Thank you Tommy. Our mind is amazing. Unfortunately we don’t use all the potential we have. We often repeat the same thoughts over and over again. But all starts of being aware of that, pay attention to our daily thoughts and be more in control of ourselves.

  2. Thanks for such an awesome post. I practise using law of attraction daily and I really love what you said about emoting whilst using affirmations. I also really like the idea of asking their higher self to use affirmations for other people. This is something I had not thought of before. I will definitely remember the affirmations you have posted here, as you say repetition is the most important thing. The more we repeat them, the quicker the results will be. Thanks for such a wonderful post. Do you advise working on one area of our lives and focusing on that or can you as effectively do a couple of different areas at the same time?

    1. Hi, I see you are into the development world, that’s great. I’m passionate about all of that and just love Affirmations. Answering you question, from my experience I would focus on one or two affirmations at the time. Give all your energy to it. Once that is achieved then you move to the next one. However, for example, today I have an important presentation so since yesterday I’m repeating one particular affirmation for that, and only that one. It’s a short time and once it is gone, I will come back to my “normal one”. So you can play around but, definitely not more then two at the time. Otherwise, you would overwhelm your subconscious mind. Hopefully it helps and thank you for the great question.

  3. This was filled with such positive information- I absolutely loved it! We hear this time and time again that we are what we think and this is exactly true- Your article confirms this statement so beautifully.

    It is so easy to get bogged down with ugly thoughts throughout the day or week and we don’t realize how much that weighs us down mentally. Reading through your wonderful post really reminded me of how important it is to feed your personal power through positive affirmations. I really like your list of affirmations and will try the Mirror Work method. Wish me luck! 🙂

    1. The Mirror Work is fantastic. I do it very often and it helps me a lot. Initially might be uncomfortable but do it anyway. It gets easier and easier. You will see the difference in your vibration and manifestation process. Good luck 🙂

  4. Hi. Thank you for your inspiring article. I truly agree with you everything is energy including you and me! Our breath in fact is our life force energy that keep us alive. I’m into yoga and meditation and I have experience energy in my body. I always use the energy to do self healing. Therefore, I believe in energy.

    And I always use positive affirmation to help to lift up my frequency. It does help to change our frequency. In my past experience, I have ever thinking and feel myself is a money magnet and truly enough I have received unexpected sale order during that period! So it does work..:-)

    1. Absolutely, it does work and we get more confidence when we try it with small things that we believe we can achieve. I see you are in the right path. Just keep doing. I always say that it is an ongoing exercise and learning process, for the rest of our lives. However, once you create the habit, it gets easier and we do it automatically. Well-done for try it all out. Thank you for sharing your experience and wish you all the best.

  5. Hey,

    This is a really informative and insightful article. I really believe in the law of attraction, especially with the work that I do in leadership, personal growth and influence. If we create value for people that can help them in both their personal and professional lives, then we will attract them. We must first give in order to receive, and have the mindset of giving first and putting others first. For example, if we are looking for new clients or people to work with, then the way to do that is to attract them, not look for them. By being consistent with our value is the best way I have found to attract the right people in our lives.

    Thank you for sharing such a great article and keep up the amazing work with your site.

    All the best,


    1. Hi tom, totally agree with you. I see you are very much into the law of attraction and all this amazing stuff. Be aware and work with the Universal Laws is the best way to succeed in all areas of our lives. It is a daily exercise as we are human beings and learning every single day to be better. I’m a great believer of it all and have got amazing results using tools like Positive Life Affirmations, Gratitude and Goal Setting. Thank you for you beautiful words and all the best.

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