Bloomy Bundle


Life is all about expand our awareness and master our soul towards a constant and permanent status of oneness. An essential part of this process is to know who we really are, what we really want for our lives, assess our lives and set our mindset for the upcoming year, but also take action on a weekly/daily basis. That’s the purpose of this set of Planners.

>>Bloomy Actual plan: Clearly define what you want, create your visual board and a smart action plan to achieve your goals and dreams quicker.

>>Bloomy Weekly Planner: Break down your actual plan into a weekly plan, focusing on what really matters. It includes 6 activities technique, time management and weekly assessment.

>> Bloomy Daily Routine: Create a consistently daily routine that will help you to set the right mindset for the day but also ensure you focus on your daily activities and stay on track.

>> Bloomy Self-Discovery will guide you into a journey of self-contemplation, introspection, and self-discovery. What are your values, purpose, vision, goals, paradigms you need to change to achieve your goals, and last but not least, work in your self-image and step into the person you want to be.

>> Bloomy End Year Review will help you to evaluate your past year, acknowledge your wins, and define your next steps, goals and dreams. Reflect on the Good, Assessment by each area of life, Lessons Learned, New Year Wishes.

It COMES WITH A GUIDE that will walk you through each one of the steps.
Start now and commit yourself to live a better life!

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