Bloomy Monthly Set Planner


Bloomy Monthly Planner Set consist in 5 sessions with 126 pages to help you in determining your goals, developing a plan, and striving to achieve them on a daily basis. They were designed to work on your mindset, to streighten your power and ensure you take the right actions every day. You will get on full month planner, which contains:

1) Goal Setting: Define a clear goal

2) Action Plan: Break your goal into small goals and design a plan to achieve it

3) Monthly Goal: Focus on what matters

4) Weekly Planner: Time Management, discipline, self-assessment

5) Daily Routine: Create a consistently daily routine. Set the right mindset for the day. Take the right actions. 6 daily activities. Self-assessment.

It COMES WITH A GUIDE that will walk you through each one of the steps.

Using Bloomy Monthly Planner Set you will feel less overwhelmed and more confident, motivated and proud of yourself, knowing that each day you are getting closer and closer to your goal.

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