A wedding is probably the single biggest day in anyone’s life. If you are planning to tie the knot, of course, you would want your wedding to turn out perfectly. However, it can be extremely stressful and challenging without any guidance, since lots of different things must be considered.

If you want everything to be just perfect, then the big decisions begin with planning. First of all you have to determine who will be in charge of the wedding planning process. The best choice would may be to get a reputable and reliable wedding planner, which is a professional who assists you with the design, planning and management of whole wedding. However, most people cannot afford to hire a wedding planner or even do not believe that the planner will be willing to work within their budget.

One option to that is to take it in your hands and be in charge of the end-to-end process. Perhaps, to seek the help of friends and trusted relative and start putting the plans together. While this is an amazing way to save money, there is a lot of work involved there. You do not want forget anything important on your wedding day, or even worse, spending hundreds of dollars on a wedding planner who messed up in the end? Leave out the smallest detail and your big day may end up to be a disaster day.

This is all that we don’t want. We want our WEDDING to be PERFECT, MEMORABLE and FULL OF JOY.

We also want to have fun while planning this big day, we want to enjoy the process, know exactly how every single thing will play in the big day. It is here that weeding planner books come into place. They are a critical and handy tool that can make all the difference.

Lets diving in a bit more into that and inspire you to choose the best wedding planner that suits you.

Why Wedding Planner Book?

A wedding planner book is a tool that helps in the planning, preparation, and delegating for a wedding. It covers everything that needs to be taken care of before the big day. A wedding planner book gives information about timelines of when to have different arrangements completed. Likewise, it may give some ideas that could help create the best possible wedding without breaking the bank.

The ability to write things down, check things off a list, and run through a detailed process of planning the wedding will help to reduce the stress level. You will not even have to rack your brain to think of those things that may be missing. You will always know what has been done, where you are, and what needs to be done. Furthermore, using a wedding planner book will save you lots of money. Instead of paying someone to direct and plan your wedding (of which you are not even sure whether it will be perfectly done), you can definitely be in charge and save money.

How To Choose The Best Weeding Planner Book

Deciding to use a planner book can take some stress off preparing for your wedding day. However, choosing the wrong planner can become a disaster in the making. There are things to consider when you want to get the best wedding planner book. Apart from durability and having copious space for note-taking, the best planner book should include Worksheets, Checklist, and Information sheets pages. As per the table of contents, the best wedding planning book must cover at least the following in detail:

“Wedding Hairstyles and Makeup, Wedding and reception venue, reception guide, Toasts & Wedding Speeches, Attendants, Family and guest, Attendant etiquette, Guest Etiquette, Wedding budget, Wedding attire, Wedding Day Timetable, Shower Ideas, Seating Arrangements, Wedding invitation/announcement details, Wedding vendors, including the photographer, Cakes and Desserts, rental and catering, florist, videographer, entertainers, disc jockey or any other service providers”

The list is endless. You also need to consider the following before you buy a wedding planner book:

  • Read the reviews from people who have bought similar books and see what they have to say.
  • Look for a wedding planner book that is specifically made for the kind of wedding you plan on having.
  • Opt for a planner book is easy to read and follow
  • Do not forget to check the style of the book
  • Choose something that you can afford. But note that what you pay for is what you get.

Comparing 4 Popular Weeding Planners


Planner book Design/Features No of pages / Size Tabbed sections
By Unconditional Rosie

· Hardcover and spacious

· Printed on thick high-quality papers

· In-depth and undated 9-month calendar sections

80 beautifully illustrated pages


Every aspect of a perfect wedding is covered, including budgets, Checklists, Vendors, Wedding Stationery, Supplier Planner, etc.
By PurpleTrail

· Premium synthetic front and back covers with protective frosted sheets

· Undated 24-month calendar section on a thick 80lb paper

· Sturdy 3-ring spiral binding

· Material type: Plastic

Over 200 pages in full-color printing

6”x 8”


Every Aspect of Wedding Planning covered, including budgets, Checklists, Attire, Vendors, Rehearsal, Registry, and More!
By Global Printed Products

· 18-month undated calendar printed on thick 80 lb. paper.

· Gold Foil Accents & Corner Protectors, Elegant Gift Box,

· Hard Cover, 4 Storage Pockets, and planning sticker page.

· LOVE QUOTES printed throughout the Monthly Planning Calendar Pages.

· Material type: Silver

9x11 Every Aspect of Wedding Planning covered, including Wedding Budget Planning,  Wedding Timeline & Checklists, Monthly Planning Calendar Pages, Wedding Party & Guest List, Vendor Research, Celebration Planning, Registry & Gifts, Beyond the Wedding
By bloom daily planners

· Undated hardcover planner

· Features silver foil, 3 storage pockets, metal-reinforced corners, and silver spiral binding.

· Love themed quotes.

· Material type: Silver

9”x11” 7 Tabbed Sections for Each Stage of Planning including Our Visions, The Basics, Guest Planning, Vendor Planning, Monthly Planning, The Big Day, and Wedding Memories


Wedding planning is a time-consuming, complicated, and often a stressful task to take on. But with the best wedding planner book, your problem is half solved. Of course, you may likely not find a single wedding planner book that covers all your planning needs. Hence, you might end up buying more than one book. However, make sure you do not have too much duplication or absence of information that is very essential.

I deeply hope that this gave you some ideas. Let me know which is your choice and how it is helping you.

I wish you all the best in your big day!!!


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  1. Tell me about it, weddings are soooo stressful I am glad I had to go through this just once. I am also happy to have stumbled into this post because I do have a friend who is getting married once this Covid craziness is over, and this will be such a great resource for her as a pre-wedding gift. I love how pretty the plannners look, but more importantly, I like that everything you need to be thinking of to get ready for your wedding is covered, from hairstyles to toasts. This is such a lovely post. Thanks for sharing!

    1. It is unbelievable the amount of details we need to pay attention when organising a wedding. There is no way to do that without some kind of planning. Those planners are amazing and really pretty but most importantly they are practical and can guide you into details that even knew you had to look at. I’m sure your friend will love it. Thanks for your comment.

  2. Many years ago, weddings were planned on a simple piece of paper, or in a note book in the best case. Mine was certainly planned that way.
    Later, the whole event became so complicated to attend to each and every detail that a planner really is a valuable asset.
    I have a daughter who ended a very long relationship, and, even though now she says she’ll not even think of a relationship, let alone a marriage, I think the time will come and she will need a good planner.
    So many young people dream of a perfect wedding-your article will be absolute helpful in achieving it.

    1. Hi Minaher, totally agree. Weddings can get very complicated and sometimes even for guests… Definitely, a planner is a vital tool to make of this big day a memorable day and less stressful. Personally, I found them amazing. They have everything you need and also things that you even thought you would need. Some of them are more than a planner, they are a real and practical guide. I’m sure your daughter will find her soulmate in the right time, and will organise an unforgettable wedding, and be happy above all. Thank you for sharing and all the best.

  3. Wow, you hit the nail on the head there. Great article. When I was planning our wedding in 2000/2001 it was very stressful. My husband is from Newfoundland, Canada and I am from Alberta, Canada. We were getting married in Newfoundland, I had never even been there yet. A wedding planner book was a Godsend as well as enlisting my soon to be sister-in-law’s help. She was my legs to check on venues. All went well thanks to using a wedding planner book to keep my on track and ensure I didn’t forget anything.

    1. Hi Deb, so good to hear your successful experience using a wedding planner. It is absolutely essential indeed. What I like is that some of them are more than a planner they are almost a guide. Helping you to look at things that you even would thought you should. I think they give you peace of mind as you know you are in control and all is planned. Amazing!!! Thanks.

  4. When I see how stressful weddings can be, I sometimes wonder how people pull it off. All this planning for this one day, this one day that has to be perfect. A wedding planner will surely help. Is it recommended that you have an assistant as well? I can imagine that someone like that will take a lot of work and stress of your hands as well. I have been to a few big weddings, and my goodness, the preparations that must have gone into them … it is amazing. I guess that the preparations for a wedding may well be the first endurance test for a couple. 😉

    1. That’s true…. it’s a big test for the couple indeed 🙂 In general we go to weddings and we enjoy the day but we have no idea how much was involved to make that day perfect. I’d say if you can afford, an assistant could be a great help, or even get someone from your family that can support you. In this case, I think every little helps 🙂

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