When I thought of the most satisfying time of my life, I found it to be the time I had a definite sense of persistent routine. Whether to a small or large extent, a daily routine is something we should introduce into our daily lives. Without it, even the most efficient person can become exhausted at the end of a hectic day, let alone those who handle many responsibilities. In the worst cases, you will have to leave many tasks undone, which will lead to frustration. To express the power of daily routine, we are going to consider why it is important to have one, its benefits and suggest tools that can help you to stick with your routine.

Why it is important to have routine

The power of a daily routine cannot be underestimated. It helps to keep you on track, allows you to be more time-efficient and keep your energy in top gear. Hence, it is worth investing in your effort and time to create a routine that suits you. Here are some other reasons:

  • Increases Your Efficiency and Productivity: When you have a daily routine you have the opportunity to create good habits that will help you to be more focused and consistently to get tasks done. It will bring you more efficiently and boost your productivity.
  • Make time for what matters: A daily routine allows you to carve out time to pursue your passion every day. Once you have a routine in place, you know exactly what needs to be done and when, there won’t be any further wriggling out because the muse eludes you or you are too tired.
  • Improve your mental health: Disorderliness breeds confusion and stress, which is the last thing you would expect, as life is stressful enough. But with a well-thought-out daily routine and a positive mindset that you can achieve it, you will be able to plan your day effectively, and all the fog of disorganization, anxiety, and stress will be lifted.
  • No More Pile Ups: Having a daily routine allows you to dedicate time to specific tasks every day. It gives you the ability to split up larger tasks into smaller and easily achievable batches, which ensures that some duties do not pile up or neglected. This way, you will save yourself time and have less stress.
  • Other benefits include self-discipline, enhancement of self-determination, improved sleep quality, and most importantly, bad habits become a thing of the past.

Create a routine that suits you

One of the most powerful success strategies is to create a routine featuring all the activities that will lead to your goal attainment. However, most people struggle with creating a workable routine that suits their daily lives. This is simply about time management, without which you may not be successful. To create an effective daily routine, here are a few basic steps to follow:

  • List all your activities and how much time you need to get them done. It must cover everything you do every day over the course of a week (i.e Wake up/shower – 15min; Morning ritual – 30min; Prepare to work – 30min).
  • Add those items to your daily task list and prioritize them.
  • Allocate those items to your calendar to form a daily routine, but make sure you focus on what matters and that works with your lifestyle.
    • Wake up/shower (30min) – 7:00 to 7:30
    • Morning ritual (30min) – 7:30 to 8:00
    • Prepare to work (30min) – 8:00 to 8:30
  • Decide whether you want to reward yourself for any task completed daily, or weekly. It helps you to keep motivated (i.e if I achieve my weekly goal I will buy a beautiful clothes to myself).
  • Be creative with your routine. Routine doesn’t need to be boring and it is not.

If you make the most of your time via a balanced routine, you will rarely feel overwhelmed by responsibilities, as it will become your second nature. Again, make sure your routine is aligned with your lifestyle and also leave space for the unexpected. This is key to succeed.

Ideal ways to stick with your daily routine

Now that you know the power of daily routine in your life, how then can you stick with your routine?

  • Align your routine to your goals: It is far easier to stick with your routine if it is aligned to your dream goal. See this article “Why do we have goals” to learn more about the importance of having goals and how to set them properly.
  • Be Flexible: Just because it is best for you, say, to exercise on Monday morning at 8: am it does not mean the same thing will work on Tuesday or any other day. I will suggest you to have a buffer time probably in the evening should something come up during the day and you could not get everything done.
  • Be Realistic: Do not underestimate how much time you will need to do a task. Overestimating is better, but the best is to be close.
  • Seize the day: A study has suggested that late risers are more likely to be procrastinators. If you start your day early, you are more likely to get things done quicker and of course, you have more time to do them.
  • Prioritize productivity: Find a way to measure your productivity. If you have a number of assignments due in one week, prioritize them and create a reasonable schedule to complete them within the time frame.
  • Health is wealth: Do not overlook your health.
  • Use a personal planner to help you to organize your activities and schedule your day. I will discuss it further down.

However, do not be worried if you don’t follow your routine every single day or if your are not good at it as yet. Just keep going and doing your best each day. As time goes by, it will get better and easier.

How personal planners can help you to keep on focus


When you are faced with the laundry to watch, errands to run, appointments to set, floors to clean, meals to cook, etc, it can be devastating to promptly get everything done without an effective system in place to help organize your day. Whether you use your phone planner/calendar or the old-fashioned pen and paper, a planner is one of the best ways to stay organized and stick with your daily routine. It helps you to plan for the week ahead, keep you on track and to stay on top of deadlines.

More importantly, a personal planner gives your brain a break from the need to remember all you need to do. Not only that, but it also supports you in creating your vision without bogging you down or stealing your energy.

Check out a planner that suits you: daily, weekly or yearly. I cannot tell you enough about the benefits of using a plan to design your action plan and put it into your daily routine. Check this article “The importance of an action plan” for more details how to create one.

Take action today

To achieve the most from life, you need to focus on the real possibilities and avoid frustration. To help your mind stay concentrated and focused on things that matter, a routine is definitely a very powerful and planners an indispensable tool. Create a daily routine that works for you and suit your life. Remember that each day or each week does not have to be the same. It just has to be worthwhile and fun.

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    1. Glad to hear that. We always think about routine as a boring thing but it can helps use to have discipline, and above all, create good habits that will help use to achieve our goals and dreams. Thanks.

  1. Your article was interesting to read, I will 100% agree with you on daily routine. For some people they might sound boring and unrealistic, but I personally have a routine every day. Being a single mom and working and keeping the house chores done, needs a lot of time. I tried not having a routine for my son and it turned into a mess he would always over play and than had trouble falling asleep.
    I also agree with you on the subject of early risers, I used to sleep in a lot and not get even half done that i planed for the day. I needed to stay up late finishing the work and most the times re doing it in the morning.

    1. Thank you for sharing Nataliya and well done. So good to hear a very practical example how important routine is. Successful people wake up earlier. I had to work on this habit too but now is automatically and definitely I get more done. When you have a routine you don’t think about what you need to do you just do it. It is very powerful and not boring at all. Thanks.

  2. I’ve learned that your morning sets the tone for the whole day so I can really get on board with what you are saying here. Great post!

    1. Great to hear that Sonia. Have a routine that elevates your vibration and set you into the right mood will reflect in the results of your daily activities. Thanks for your comment.

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