Do you have goals in your life? Have you ever question yourself why do you have them?

First of all, we hear about goals all the time, in our personal and work life. So it is important to understand what is a goal and what does it mean to have a goal?

Goal setting

Goal Definition

Goal is something that you hope to achieve. Therefore, we direct all our effort towards to fulfill the desired result. It is what moves us, makes us to wake up in the morning and have something to fight for. Ultimately, the reason why do we have goals is to grow. Bob Proctor (*) always says “If a goal is not attached to growth it is not a good goal”. I love this definition as it really resonates with me.

Goal leads to productivity, in particular daily/weekly goals. I am very goal-oriented person. If I don’t have goals, I get way less done and even worse, I’m exhausted and frustrated in the end of the day.

According to Bob Proctor, there are three types of goals:

  • A – you know how to achieve this type of goal.
  • B – you think you know how to achieve the goal if you follow some steps.
  • C – this is your dream goal. You have no idea how to achieve it but you want it more than anything else. You will do whatever it takes to accomplish it. That’s the kind of goal that is attached to grow. The one that inspires you.

You might be wondering, which one is more important? Which one should I focus on? In my view, they are all valuable. A, B, C type goalIt doesn’t mean you need to choose one to the exclusion of the others. However, we MUST have a C type goal. The one that really motivates us to wake up in the morning and go throughout the day with a banana similes in our face. Whereas A and B type goals help us to move towards our C type goal. They can be seen as a breakdown of C type goal. However, it doesn’t mean if you do A and B goals you are going to achieve your C type goal, but they wil lead you to your dream goal. A representation of this idea is expressed in the picture on the right.

Goal Setting Process – 5 simple steps

What are your goals? Are they written down? Do you have an action plan attached to them? Yes, it is not enough just to have goals, we need to do more to successfully accomplish them.

We do this through goal setting, which is a process to decide what you want, by when and then design a realist plan to achieve your desired goal. Next, and most importantly, you need to ACT upon your plan, every single day. One step at the time, small or big, doesn’t matter, but you need to create the habit to work on your goal. That’s the key to succeed. Start doing this and I think you will be surprised as to how much more you can achieve in your life.

Below is a step by step process that I personally use to define and manage my goals. I will go through each of them further down. Hopefully, it inspires you.

Goal Setting Process









When it comes to define your goals, only you have the answers. What do you REALLY want? What does it feel right for you? There is no recipe, right or wrong, but what I like to do to define my goals is as follows:

  • Choose a quiet space. I like to have my crystals around, light a candle and make a short prayer.
  • Quiet your mind. Sit down and relax and leave your imagination wonder.
  • Write down ALL your wants in each area of your life (Career, Finance, Healthy, etc). Do not criticize, judge or restrict yourself in this step.
  • Be grateful for all your wants.


Now that you have all your wants written down it is time to prioritize them and choose which one are you going to work on. You should focus on in just one or two goals at the time.

What not to try it out:

  • Categorize them into A, B, C type of goal as per explained above.
  • Prioritize them in each category. What are the most important for you at this moment?
  • Define your C type goal. Remember this is your life goal. The one that inspires you. Your hidden desire.
  • Write down your C type goal in present tense as you have already achieved it. Revisit it often.
  • Define by when you want to achieve this goal. This is an indicative of desired date.


At this point, you know what are your goals. So what is next. Well…. define you goal is a crucial step but it is just the beginning. Your journey only started.

  • Assess your A & B type goals. Which one would help you to move towards your C type goal? Which one is worth to focus on NOW? They should be aligned to your C type goal. ALWAYS.
  • Breakdown the goals into montlhy, weekly or daily goals, whatever works for you.
  • Design an action plan. A realist one that can be implemented. Think about the actions you can take today that will bring you closer to your montly, weekly or daily goal and, therefore, closer to your life goal.

Important to say that a plan is a road map, a guide. It is not something written in a stone. Don’t worry if you do not have all the answers now. Leave space for the “Universe” to provide you with the right way. The answers will come and things will get more and more clear.

Check out this article “The importance of an action plan” to know more about its benefits and how to create one.


There is just one way of making your goals to become reality. You need to ACT upon your plan to achieve your desired results.

  • Define daily/weekly activities that will move you towards your goals.
  • Prioritize your activities. The ones that will contribute the most to achieve your goals come first.
  • Do the activities that are more difficult first.
  • Focus on one activity at the time.
  • Act upon your goal every day. Put yourself in movement. That is the key to achieve success.


Life changes, we change and so our goals. It is essential part of our planning to reassess our goals time to time. Are they still valid? Are they still inspiring you? Are they still worthy? If the answer is no, don’t be afraid to change them.

  • Reassess your goal every quarterly or whenever you feel it is needed.
  • Reevaluate your daily/weekly activities on a weekly basis. Are they moving you towards your C type goal?
  • Track your progress and celebrate your success.
  • Be kind on you. Don’t push yourself too much. Keep the work and give time for your goal to manifest. It will.

It Is Time To Take Your Life To Another Level

If you are really serious about growing, developing yourself and achieving your dreams, it is time for you to sit down and put it all into practice. It is an effort that is worthy of. The feeling of having goals is priceless. I invite you to give it a try. Take it seriously. Put the effort. Do the work. You will be surprise as how much it will improve your daily life.

The importance of planner

 I truly recommend you to use a PLANNER to define an action plan, track its progress and celebrate your success. Check out some options: daily, weekly or monthly planners and choose the one that suits you the best.

I would love to hear from you. What are you goals? Leave a comment below.

(*) Bob Proctor is considered an authority when it comes to goal achievement and personal growth.

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  1. Wow, that was an amazing post. I like how you are thorough at explaining the importance of planning and all about achieving our goals. Thank you for this post, it was easy to read and understand.

  2. Excellent post. Goals are so important and so often people just don’t set goals for themselves. I’ve been one of those people… if I could jump in the DeLorean and go back 25 years, that’s the one important message I would give to myself… Set goals, work towards them, review them every day, evaluate & adjust quarterly…. to which young and foolish Bob would reply… “another Tequila please…”


    1. Great to hear that. Thanks. I can’t tell you enough about the importance of setting goals, the right ones. Yes, agree with you… ah…if I knew all that back then!!… but it is never too late to start 🙂

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